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By now you probably have read some great reviews from former travelers about us but if not, please have a look here. You can also find some independent reviews on Tripadvisor and Google. Following you can find some more reasons why traveling with SATO Peru is a great idea.

Peruvian based company

With sales and operations offices both in Cusco and Lima as well as local representatives in all mayor destinations, we have the whole country covered to make sure that during any point of your trip we can provide you with the personalized assistance we are known for. On top of this by being in Peru ourselves and operating ourselves we have cut out the middle man resulting in better prices for our travelers without having to give in on quality – you actually gain quality by using locals who know the country, its ups and downs and use this to your advantage.

Quality & Control

With our presence in Peru, we spend a lot of effort on getting to know the destinations, excursions and hotels we work with. This allows us to play closely on the ball when it comes to new services, new accommodations or destinations opening up. On the same time by keeping our quality & control for the services and hotels offered we make sure that our long standing partners such as hotels and other service operators maintain the high level of service and quality we are and should be known for. This would not have been possible were it not for our local presence in Peru as well as knowing the country like the back of our hand. As with any kind of vacation there are always external factors such as weather, illness, delays, etc…that can disrupt your trip but by closely monitoring all trips as well as keeping our ear on the ground we make sure to foresee issues as much as possible and that in case there is a hiccup, this is dealt with in the most transparent, flexible and productive manner possible.

Handpicked hotels

We constantly have our representatives and travel consultants travel around the country using our services but also staying at the hotels we recommend to our passengers as well as visiting new alternatives. This allows us to keep our finger on the pulse with the fast moving hotel scene in Peru. We rate hotels using a set of criteria such as location, service, room quality, food and price but also the feedback from our former travelers. This system makes sure that the hotels we use make use of the best locations in each destination and provide the best possible rooms and quality for the budget chosen. You can find several of our preferred hotels on this website but this list is far from complete of course. Please feel free to get in touch with your personal travel consultant to discuss the hotel preferences you may have and they can for sure come up with some wonderful suggestions.

Tailor-made itineraries

All of our Peru vacation packages are completely customizable. Any trip with SATO Travels can start on the date of your preference and is designed around the individual preferences and wishes of each traveler. Once you contact us and tell us a little about the type of trip you are looking for, your personal travel consultant will get back to you with an initial, detailed itinerary and price quote. Together with your travel consultant you can go over the detailed information and make any changes in services, hotels, timings and what have you not. Your preferences combined with the expert input of our travel consultants will provide you with your ideal itinerary and experience, as well as getting “the best bang for your buck”.

Mix & Match

As we completely customize itineraries we also like to mix and match our itineraries so that even with a more limited budget you can get most out of your trip. Simpler hotels for destinations where you would spend little time and more elaborated accommodations for places where you will be a couple of nights can for instance make all the difference between a good and great trip. Your travel consultant will gladly help in deciding what places it may be worth to spend a little more and what place you may want to consider a hotel based on convenience. The same goes for our travel services; combining private and shared excursions. For instance you could decide to use shared excursions in small groups for some shorter excursions meanwhile the larger, more important excursions you can opt to do with a private guide and vehicle. Or perhaps you prefer a private specialized guides for the whole trip with a slightly higher focus on whatever aspect of Peru you have a particular interest in. Another items where it may be good to mix and match are for instance the train journeys; this allows you to enjoy the more luxurious trains for the longer trips but for shorter trips use trains that have the best schedules and convenience according your itinerary. Our ability to mix and match allows us to create trips with the best possible flow in spite of the sometimes complicated logistics involved.  Contact us and let your personal travel consultant show you what we can do for you.

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